Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Horse chasing the dog or Dog chasing the horse

Horses usually bolt at the first sign of a canine menace.

But this plucky filly decides to turn the tables on its pursuer.

When a Belgian Shepherd chases the 12-year-old half-breed, it fights back and tries to bite the playful dog's tail.

German photographer Lothar Lenz captured the unlikely game of chase on a stable-farm in Buchkoebel, just outside Frankfurt.


The chase is on: The Belgian Shepherd decides it's time for some fun and games


Uh oh! The playful dog realises he's in trouble as he turns round to look at the horse


The tables are turned: The dog is now on the run as his pursuer tries to bite his tail


You're not getting away that easily: The chase continues as the dog flees in the other direction

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